Our mini kitchen makeover – Getting organised for a new year

One sideboard, three looks at Kira and Kira

A bedroom makeover for the littlest Duffy

There is not one room in our gloriously complicated house that is complete. No one room has painted skirting, all, have cables hanging out of the walls, and damaged plaster at the least. Stella was the lucky Duffy to have her bedroom made-over because her room, with water damage as well, had one over the rest.

Classy, contemporary, cool by Cedar & Suede.

Watch the short video of the Boheme display apartment we furnished for Robina Group all coming together and the final result.

I’m hooked on The Hook Co.

Cedar & Suede feature design talent, Kellie and Clint Nash, behind characterful, decorative, wall hook business, The Hook Co.

Element office transformation