Back To School – I Don’t Know If It Is Good Or Bad Or If I’m Happy Or Sad But I Know I’m Prepared

January 17th, 2016 | By Carlene ...

When Paddy started school 2 years ago I remember part of me thinking, oh hell, where did 4.5 years just go and the other part of me was thinking, woohoo… one kid at school for 6.5 hours a day, FREEDOM! What a fool I was.



Paddy’s first day of School.


The morning rush to get Paddy, Stella and myself out the door, clothed, fed and with a packed lunch is no mean feat. I shove eggs on toast down my throat as I unpack the dishwasher, prepare the kids’ lunches and breakfast, and do my makeup whilst yelling at Paddy to stop playing Minecraft and to do his homework, which is due today… And has he found his library book because it is also due back… And to please don’t forget to give his teacher his swimming lessons permission slip, which I have put in the front pocket of his school bag.


Somewhere in the madness I frantically print out photos for Paddy’s show n’ tell, which was rescheduled for this week because last week when he was originally scheduled to present, we had prepared the wrong subject. As I tie paddy’s shoelaces I berate myself for not allowing enough time each morning to teach him how to to tie his own laces so that he’s not in the percentage of year-one’s in his class who can’t.


It’s a relief to finally arrive at the school until Paddy and I see into the playground realise it is actually plain clothes day and Paddy is, of course, dressed in his uniform and I have to listen to him tell me it is my fault that I didn’t remember because he is only six and can’t be expected to remember anything. Touche!


The morning rush means I have actually come to enjoy school holidays for the leisurely mornings where I can sip my tea on the sofa while I scroll Pinterest. Well, this year is a new year and while I’m sad that my cruisey holiday mornings are coming to a close, I am excited that I am starting 2016 with some order and calm to my home. You see, I got organised.




Dedicated drawers and pinboard

Dedicated drawers and pinboard


Paddy - label-happy

Label-happy Paddy



I have provided the kids with their own in-trays and out-trays (drawers), which at their young age is completely for my benefit than theirs. I have also allocated the kids their own drawer sections in the kitchen so that their lunch bags and drink bottles have a home. I also used to be a bit blasé about naming uniforms, lunch bags and the works but in the two years Paddy has been at school he has proved to be brilliant at losing his homework folder and school hat. There is now nothing that leaves my home that isn’t labelled, multiple times.




While Paddy is fully willing and able to get dressed by himself, Stella, 4, although perfectly capable, likes to keep me on my toes (to put it mildly) and is only willing to dress herself if the idea has entered her head first. I am hoping that the novelty of having her help me group, store, and label all her drawer dividers for socks, singlets, PJ’s etc. might spark some sort of new-found independence. I might be clutching at straws but here’s hoping.


It’s a new year, a new home, and a new way of doing things and I’m feeling ready for it. Happy New Year! Here’s to a happy, successful, or at least, manageable, 2016.


This post was brought to you by Brother P-Touch H150 labeller which can be purchased at Officeworks. All thoughts, words and images are my own.


Carlene xx



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