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December 18th, 2018 | By Carlene ...

I can’t remember the last time I went shopping for a casual browse and it’s not because I have more self control than you, it’s because I’m time poor. If I have to hit the shops, it’s usually because I’m sourcing for a project or because I’ve run out of foundation and then I’m on a mission with a specific list and I’m almost militant about (BTW being time poor is a great way to curb spending).


But then Christmas rolls around and and a big fat can of juicy worms is opened because once I start shopping for everyone else and start seeing all the goodness out there, it’s game on.


So in the spirit of Christmas shopping I’ve put together my wish list which I figure acts as a pretty good Gift Guide. These aren’t just items I think would make good gifts, they are literally things that I want.  I’m not that person who likes receiving gifts for the sake of a surprise. I am very clear with Michael that I absolutely DO NOT want a gift that I haven’t approved. Seriously, I know what I want (just look at the size of my list) and we share a bank account so I DO NOT want him spending money on something that I have to feign interest in when that money could have gone to something on my list that I deem far more worthwhile. I’ll make Michael wrap what I’ve ordered for myself so the kids have gifts to give me and then I’ll feign surprise like I didn’t purchase my own gifts.  I’m not a greedy guts so I’m not going to get myself ALL of this for Christmas (or at all) but here is what I want and why.






1. Keep It Personal Getaway Bag $189.95 2. U Konserve Stainless Steel Nesting Trio $32.95 3. Go To Skincare Zincredible Tinted $45 4. Poni Cosmetics White Knight Tubing Mascara $30 5. Sarah and Sebastian Corolla Chain $495 6. Stitch & Hide Darcy Clutch Wallet $119.95 7. Morphe ‘Packer’ Set Bag $46 8. Vida Vida Family Travel Wallet $110 9. ECM Manufacture Profi T IV $2,889 10. One Teaspoon Leopard Bandits Mid Waist Denim Short $120 11. Lack of Color Zulu Rancher $129 12. Lack Of Color Tuscan Visor $149 13. Solid & Striped The Sophia $158 14. Seed & Sprout Insulated Lunch Bag $34 15. GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand $240 16. Glass Coffee Traveller Mug Stone $34.95


1.Keep It Personal Getaway Bag – OK, I HAVE actually purchased this one. The size of the bag was hard to resist. It’s huge and it’s going to carry our beach towels up and down the beach all Summer. I also got one for my Mum because she gets around like a bag lady with a zillion different bags. The narcissist in me has me obsessed with anything personalised so naturally I had my initials printed on it.


2. U Konserve Stainless Steel Nesting Trio – just because I’m trying to weed out plastic containers and stainless steel keeps food so much fresher but it’s going to take years to replace all the plastic containers in my container drawer at the cost of these.


3. Go To Skincare Zincredible Zinc – I do love me some tinted moisturiser. I’ve used Kora in the past and I like it but I also like Zoe Foster Blake so you know…..


4. Poni Cosmetics White Knight Tubing Mascara – because I’m running out and this mascara doesn’t give me panda eyes. I’ve tried so many and only the tubular stays the distance.


5. Sarah and Sebastian Corolla Chain – I just bloody love ALL their jewellery and I usually favour the fine jewellery but I love this for a statement piece. I don’t know what Corolla means but all’s I see is C for Carlene so again, it’s the narcissist in me.


6. Stitch & Hide Darcy Clutch Wallet – Sorry to the vegans. I can’t resist a soft tan leather and this one fits your phone too.


7. Morphe ‘Packer’ Set Bag – I travel a lot and a good makeup bag is hard to find. This one is large enough to fit all my goodies and I love that it is transparent.


8. Vida Vida Family Travel Wallet – this is how you travel in style and maybe if I have a beautiful family passport holder I’ll put the idea of some overseas family holidays out into the Universe.


9. ECM Manufacture Profi T IV – OK $3k is A LOT for good coffee but we work from home and between us, consume 4 coffees per day. We also have a busy house with a lot of people coming and going so I want to be able to offer good coffee and our current machine isn’t quite cutting the mustard so whilst this won’t be a Christmas purchase (I couldn’t pull the trigger) IT IS in the grand plan for 2019.


10. One Teaspoon Leopard Bandits Mid Waist Denim Short – Denim shorts are my summer staple. I’m talking 5 days a week kinda thing so I can totally justify the leopard print kind to mix things up. 


11. Lack of Color Zulu Rancher – because I love a good hat and I can’t just buy them from anywhere. I have a deceptively large head (runs in the family) and these guys stock my size and in the most fabulous range.


12. Lack Of Color Tuscan Visor $149 – C’mon, this is cute! A leather visor means I can be sporty and cool all at the same time.


13. Solid & Striped The Sophia it should not be so hard to find a flattering pair of black full piece togs but I’ve found they’re either too sporty, too revealing, too boxy, too flimsy, too conservative…. I haven’t tried these on but the front detail and seams in all the right places has me very interested. 


14. Seed & Sprout Insulated Lunch Bag – if I’m going to be the dork who carries a lunch bag I at least want the non dorkiest lunch bag out there and I think I found it. This brand is worth exploring, they have some very clever product.


15. GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand – obvs I own a curling wand but I let the store lady talk me into the MUK curler pack because it comes with 5 different sized attachments and costs less than a GHD wand but the thing is, I ONLY use the large head and it’s drying out my hair. The GHD wand comes with a ceramic technology that doesn’t damage the hair so much so I am cursing myself (and that store lady) for not buying what I went into the store to buy. However, when it comes to hair wands, if you have a lazy $700 then you should actually be buying the Dyson Airwrap Styler because it’s phenomenal!


16. Glass Coffee Traveller Mug Stone – Every time I buy a take away coffee (at least once a week) I feel bad for my lack of environmental consideration but drinking out of a silicon lid that dons every keep-cup I’ve seen until now….. well, just yuk! This one has a glass lid, people. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. I’m going to get one and drink my takeaway coffee with my conscience in check.



Be merry and happy Christmas shopping, friends. Although, merely a week out from Christmas should you be so brazen as to enter a shopping centre, may the force be with you.


I’ll be back on Sunday for my final post of the year before I sign off for some serious R&R.


Carlene xx

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