A bedroom refresh with Adairs Autumn collection

April 9th, 2018 | By Carlene ...

Some people believe that creating a neutral coloured home interior provides the opportunity to keep the space flexible. I argue that you risk never been completely and wholeheartedly, all the the way anywhere. If I’m ever going to fulfil my mission in life to bring people over the dark side (aka colour side) its now because never has there been such a beautiful range of hues available to us. There’s no excuse.





I’ve partnered with Adairs on their Autumn Collection to showcase how you can refresh your bedroom just by switching up your bedding and you should know that I take my Autumn colours seriously.





With my wall colour as my starting point, I wanted to keep to an earthy colour palette.  I’ve used the Stonewash Cotton Quilt Cover in Rust with matching standard pillows and complemented it with Malmo linen cushions in Plum and Desert Pink which act as slight variations to the rust quilt.  The Malmo Linen cushion and throw in Olive act as my contrast colour but due to our green walls, the look remains tonal, which was my objective.





I always use Euro cushions on our beds because I’ve opted to not have bedheads and I feel that Euros help to soften the wall. In this case, I’ve selected from the Vintage Washed Linen range in colour, Linen and they do a perfect job of providing an extra layer without stealing any focus.





For our sheets, I went with Adairs Bamboo Cotton in Grey Mint, which are in fact very close in colour to our wall. Hot tip, when working with saturated colours, avoid white sheets. They just ends up looking stark and out of place. Select sheets in the same colour range as the rest of your bedding for a calm cohesive look and feel.





I wouldn’t have thought it but the the Vintage Washed Linen Valance has completely softened the look of my bed. The linen colour of the valance is so neutral and soft that I feel like it could work in any space but it’s especially lovely here.





Onto Stella’s bedroom, where I also made some subtle additions…….


With the onset of the cooler weather I figured it was time to test run a coverlet over the quilt for extra warmth. This one is Adairs’ Vintage Washed Coverlet in Nude pink and I love it for it’s subtle, timeless pattern and tactile feel. It’s also large enough to achieve enough hangover on each side, which I think helps to add softness to a bed and bedroom.





I added the Adairs Stonewash Cotton sheets in pink polka dots. The Euro cushion is of the same collection and whilst I’ve displayed it tile pattern side up, the reverse side is the same polka dot pattern as the sheets. I was attracted immediately to these sheets because whilst it’s not obvious in the pic, the combination of the super soft material and the super soft pattern in the sheets throws a definite vintage vibe that I feel I’ll never tire of.





The Malmo linen cushion in Rose Pink also makes an appearance here. It’s muted tone makes it a very versatile shade of pink and I think it adds a bit of visual depth to the overall look.





I had been using makeshift bedside tables in Stella’s bedroom (chair and pouf) and it was time to bite the bullet on something more substantial. Whilst I love dark rich timbers, I wanted a side table light in colour to pop off the dark wall. The Milo Side Table in Natural & White is slim-lined and unobtrusive but big enough to provide a flat surface for nighttime incidentals ie. water bottles, books etc. The leather handle is super cute. and I like that I can fit a small basket underneath it for easy-access toys.





Where on our bed, I replaced a dark coloured bed wrap with a soft linen valance, Stella’s bed was lacking a valance or bed wrap of any kind and whilst it was on the to-do list (albeit far down), I didn’t realise how much this bedroom needed it until I actually put the Vintage Washed white linen valance in place. It may sound like an insignificant addition but I feel like it’s the cherry on the cake. It’s softens and completes Stella’s bedroom very nicely.


Sometimes it’s the simple things…..





Carlene xx



  • Jenna

    July 19, 2018 at 5:51 pm

    What is the name of the green wall colour?

    • cedarsuede@admin

      July 19, 2018 at 6:29 pm

      Resene Mantle. x

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