10 Bedside Tables Worth Talking About

May 25th, 2016 | By Carlene ...

I’ve recently decided that bedside tables are the forgotten piece of furniture, a bit like the middle child. I know this because I’ve been on the bedside hunt for our own bedroom recently and the conclusion I have drawn is that most are either wildly expensive or just really uninteresting and not worth glancing twice at. I also came across the issue where most of the good looking bedsides were without storage, which doesn’t work for me, as I need a place for my book and a box of tissues and because I also have a table lamp, my bedside quickly becomes very cluttered and simply, not pretty.


Whilst looking for bedsides for a client at around the same time, I also discovered that some use a bedside table to house nothing more than their phone and therefore don’t want storage or a large surface area. So in the name of good bedside tables that meet different needs, I’ve brought you my picks; some with storage, some without, some affordable, some significantly less so but all pretty fabulous.







1. Penelope Bedside Table in Large, West Elm, 699.00

I so very nearly purchased this West Elm bedside. This is one of the very few round bedsides on the market that includes a drawer. I am very fond of round tables across the board (dining tables, coffee tables…..) because they are easier to work with in a space than their more angular counterparts. The only reason I didn’t end up nabbing this piece was because its design is very mid century and whilst I love a bit of mid century (especially American mid century), I prefer to implement the aesthetic with vintage pieces rather than new models. This is a goodie nonetheless.


2. Small Ghost Buster Bedside Table, Space Furniture, now $460.00  

There isn’t enough acrylic in our lives. Pops of acrylic in homes make me happy. It just epitomises the unexpected and the unexpected in a home is what I want to see. Acrylic also boasts a bonus “low maintenance” factor, as you don’t need to worry about water marks and the works. If you’re feeling bold this table also comes in yellow, violet and red. And if you move quickly you will get it on sale.


3. Terrace Bedside, West Elm, $499.00

I really wanted this glass and brass West Elm table and it’s another I came very close to purchasing. It is elegant and versatile, the size is spot on and the shelf provides adequate storage. The glass though……. I know I would have to clean it more often than I could justify. If you are a clean freak and are happy to clean it frequently, do it.


4. Parque 1 Drawer Bedside in Cafe/Brass, Freedom, now $349.00

On one hand I think the shape of this Freedom table is nothing to write home about but on the other, I think this is a simple, clean lined piece that could be used in a very diverse range of bedroom looks. I also can’t overlook the lovely parquet timber detail and brushed brass metal handle and legs, which makes this piece really very sophisticated, especially at this price point.


5. Gramfratesi TS Table with Brass frame, Luke Furniture, POA

oooohhhhlala I would use these side tables/bedsides to complement a very contemporary, sophisticated glam space that says, “look at me” as it drips in velvet, glass and marble. The brass and black combo is making a statement in all its refined, slimline glory.


6. Mini Mega Drum Bedside, Mark Tuckey, POA

Mark Tuckey does raw and clean so well. I love the size of this mini mega drum because with 500mm diameter surface I would be able to fit my essentials as well as some bits and bobs and could almost get away with not having a storage drawer.


7. Vittoria Stainless Steel Bedside in White, Globe West, $880.00

I can vouch for this table because I’ve used it in a project (in the white). It’s unfussy but not plain. It’s refined and sophisticated and the crossed polished chrome legs are very elegant. It is wider than most bedsides so it’s perfect for filling out large walls and won’t be dwarfed by large bedheads.


8. Large Bone Inlay Bedside in Chevron, Fenton & Fenton, $1090.00

I used to baulk at the cost of bone inlay furniture but I have finally come around to the idea that it is worth it if you need a piece to demand some attention in your space. This black and white is the safest colour choice but if your space allows, be brave and go for yellow, blue or green. I certainly can’t complain about the amount of storage in these particular tables.


9. Gallery 2 Drawer Bedside Table, Domayne, POA

I probably would have overlooked this bedside except that the cute handles tipped me over and I also think this is a really good, practical piece that could work in a range of different spaces. That light to medium tone timber makes this piece very versatile and on a practical note, the lip surrounding the top surface means items can’t just slide off when it starts to get crowded, as my bedside tends to.


10. White Wall Table, The Minimalist, $450.00

It is fitting that this bedside table is from The Minimalist because this piece is just that, minimal. If streamline and clean lines are your jam or if space is an issue, this piece is for you.


Happy bedside shopping.


Carlene xx


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