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September 1st, 2016 | By Carlene ...

When styling a couple of our projects recently, we took the opportunity to take my range of rugs for Decorug out for a test drive. This is good, people because it’s not until you’ve actually seen a rug in situ that you can fully gauge whether or not you have made the right choice; the right colour, right dimensions, right style of rug for your space. And while your spaces may not resemble the below images, I’m taking some of the guesswork out of it just by showing how the rugs look in a styled space.


And so here they are (well here are a handful, you’ll have to see in store for the rest)…….




Soho rug in Charcoal / Ivory



This Soho rug wool and viscose, hand-braided rug comes in a really good range of neutral colours including ivory, platinum, silver, charcoal, and stone all of which you could use in any interior scheme. There is also a vibrant turquoise for the colour-lovers.





Soho rug in Charcoal / Ivory



I promise you will love the tactile feel of this rug underfoot.




Soho rug in Charcoal / Ivory


I have this Soho at home right now and I can report I’ve had zero shedding. Bonus!




Soho rug in Charcoal / Ivory



The Brookyln range (below) responds to my love of colour and sense of luxury. They are made from hand loomed ribbed bamboo silk. These rugs are crazy soft to touch and throw a beautiful luxurious sheen.  The best part is they come in a beautiful range of rich colours including Fuschia (pictured below), Claret, Ocean, and Mint. It’s also available in Cream and Smoke for amore neutral interior colour palette.




Brooklyn rug in Fuschia



I must have a bit of thing for pairing different shades of the same colour and because I’m a bit loose with my styling process (I don’t do moodboards etc), I do it almost subconsciously. It actually wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realised I’ve styled every shot this way.




Brooklyn rug in Fuschia



I am particularly loving how regal this purple looks against the brass, marble and tan of the leather sofa.





Brooklyn rug in Mint



Brooklyn rug in Mint



Brooklyn rug in Mint



I’m obsessed with this mint and emerald green combo at the moment. It’s deliciously rich and the partnership of these colours is sophisticated but packs a punch.




Brooklyn rug in Ocean.



The Brooklyn in Ocean is a really beautiful powder blue and not unlike the mint, when you pair it with a deeper blue, you get the most perfectly subtle contrast.




Brooklyn rug in Ocean.



Not shown here is the Whitehaven rug, which is a very fun and vibrant outdoor design made from handwoven, recycled PET. You wouldn’t know that it’s made from plastic, it is so super soft to touch. To see the colours and sizes available and the full range of thee other Carlene Duffy range, visit Decorug online.


Carlene xx


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