Colour Me Olive

March 20th, 2016 | By Carlene ...



I do love olive.  I love to wear the colour, I love the girl’s name, I love to eat them, and I’m jumping on board the “colour olive in home interiors” train.


This is a big thing for me because I can be a maverick when it comes to embracing trending interior colours, which I think is because I’m sensitive to how different colours make me feel. I could never get my head around the massive attack of teal in the late 90’s, which crept its way back into interiors recently. Similarly, dusty pink and powder blue, which are hot to trot right now and so good in the right context, I can only handle in small bursts in my own home. Though, I would love to see them more in commercial settings. There is something about their candy factor that makes me a bit squeamish. They can be a bit “sweet” unless anchored down with deeper, richer colours such as navy.


So let’s talk olive. This colour just sits right with me, in that it makes me feel completely comfortable and generates calm.  It says sophisticated cool, quiet confidence, and casual elegance. It will also show some longevity as a trend, not in the same league as Navy, which is consistently stylish, but decidedly more than the pastels.


Some of you are thinking, “what is she banging on about? I’ve only seen olive in the fashion stores.” You will start to notice it in your favourite homewares stores and it will be a crime if you don’t. It’s possible that it won’t be as accessible as the very popular powder blues and dusty pinks but it is already rearing its head so keep an eye out and don’t be shy to introduce yourself.






















All images are courtesy of Pinterest and for more Olive colour inspo. see our Pinterest board.


Carlene xx

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