The Budge Club: The Rumpus Room Reveal & Resources Guide

September 17th, 2021 | By Carlene ...

Our green room/ TV room has become a favourite in our house. It sits in our brick tower with a loft bedroom above it. There’s something so cosy and inviting about sitting in a room with four walls (not open plan). I’ve REALLY layered the green in this space. I wanted it to feel calm, cohesive and homely and I can confirm it’s just that.


The Rumpus TV Room

Sofa: Santa Monica Petite by Plush Sofas
Wall panelling: Easycraft
Flooring: Decorug
Rug: “Hypnose” by Decorug
Door: A&L Windows
Bricks: Black and Tan by PGH Bricks
Wall Colour: Resene colour Mantle


Carlene xx

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