I’m Hooked On The Hook Co.

May 21st, 2015 | By Carlene ...




I was super excited when I got the tip off about small business, The Hook Co., admittedly, initially because they are fellow Gold Coast locals but more than that, because on further investigation I knew instantly they had a great product.




Clint and Kellie Nash form the husband and wife team behind the name and who, can I say, are as delightful and charming as their characterful hooks.




The business came about out of Kellie’s futile pursuit for fun, decorative, timber hooks for their sons’ rooms and frustrated at not being able to find just what she was looking for prompted her to have Clint prototype exactly what was in her head. Instantly, they could see the commercial potential in what they had created. Kellie loves that the hooks work for both their form and function. She rightly points out that the hooks are an ideal means of getting ‘stuff’ up off the floor and double as quirky and inexpensive wall art.




With a background in interior design and a passion for homewares, for Kellie the transition into the business was a natural one. Though, she admits The Hook Co simply would not be possible without carpenter husband, Clint to do the assembling which takes more handy work than apparent to the naked eye.




The duo have experimented, trialled and tweaked their process to a point where it is running like a well-oiled machine and the result speaks of the love they pour into creating a high quality product. Already stocking to over thirty-five suppliers around the world in only eleven months of operation, the two-man band are teetering on the brink of outgrowing their little sun-filled home studio and workshop and are ready to employ help but Kellie is resolute that no matter how they grow, their hooks will always be hand-crafted labours of love.




The Hook Co. hooks can be found at the following retailers:



Dragonfly Store

Kira & Kira 

eeni meeni miini moh 

Scout Lifestyle 

My Handsome



Young Folk Store


My Messy Room 

Love By Five

Gelato Trading Co.

Elvis & Violet

Eclectic 31 

Circus Homewares



Tip You’re It 




Ryder Loves Miller

Bungalow Trading Co. 


Midas & Min

Mr Kipp & Little Jimmy 

My Little Empire



Cranmore Home 



Small Prints 



Den Boutique



Tea Pea Design

Dapper Mr Bear

Tempt Interiors



Wicked Laundry

Oh Happy Fry



Baba Souk 



Little Me Little You

Little Pea Interiors

Harrison & Co

Industrial Decor 

Global Kidz

Harrison & Co

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