The Mud Room

July 28th, 2015 | By Carlene ...

Do you know what Aussies don’t do? Mud rooms, a dedicated area to store all things for coming and going from the house; coats, shoes, umbrellas, scarves, school bags, handbags, keys…….


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Every American home has one but many Aussies don’t even know the term. I’m not sure why this is. Regardless, the concept is complete genius and one of the most practical rooms you will include in your home. Your keys will never go missing again.


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And when I say ‘room,’ I really mean ‘space’ or ‘zone.’ You hardly need a dedicated four walls for the cause. You need wall hooks, shoe storage, some sort of shelving and a trinket bowl and you have yourself a ‘mud room’ peoples.


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It can be a part of your front entrance, off the garage or in the laundry. Wherever it is, it needs to be very, very accessible. We humans are lazy so don’t think for a second that if you enter in one part of the house that you are going to walk more than a few feet to store your handbag.



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The concept to me is the ultimate in ensuring organisation in the home. I’m excited to say I’m about to create our own little mudroom in the space off of our garage. It makes complete sense, as it’s an otherwise redundant part of the house. Now I just need to start parking in the garage.



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