The Devil’s In The Detail in The Ever-Scary Bathroom Makeover

June 27th, 2016 | By Carlene ...

Bathrooms are scary spaces to makeover. I totally get it, they’re expensive makeovers to get wrong. When painting your walls in your bedroom and the navy you choose from the swatch appears purple on the wall you can just paint over it. Similarly if the rug you purchase for your living room is too small once in the space you can simply swap it out for the larger version. In bathrooms, on the other hand, you only really get one go at getting it right and if you don’t you are subject to the costs involved in having to correct it. So basically it means that the vision in your head needs to translate to the space and it isn’t really until the room is completely pulled together that you get to see if you have been successful or not. Tiles don’t come cheaply and the costs of a tiler, plumber and sparky – also not cheap. For these reasons, it is worth investing some extra time and care and ensuring you go the efforts of gathering samples and importantly, not skipping out on the details. In my column for Open Colleges I tell you where to invest some time and money and why it matters. Read on here.



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Our Block powder room. Vanity by Reece. Custom vanity by Aarden Design. Image by Elizabeth Allnutt.



Bicker bathroom

Bathroom by Bicker Design.

Our Block Challenge apartment powder room/laundry. Image by Elizabeth Allnutt.





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