Designing an effective lighting plan for your home renovation

March 16th, 2017 | By Carlene ...

You know I love a good light fixture. I use statement lighting a lot to help finish off a space and to add dimension and interest. But when Michael wants to talk to me about our lighting plan for our own extension/renovation I sort of just vague out. He doesn’t want to talk about all the amazing decorative lights we’ll use. He wants to talk about task lighting and all that really boring stuff that doesn’t excite me. It’s not that I don’t deem it important. On the contrary, I really do because the current part of our house has terrible lighting, which is either too bright or insufficient and it drives me bonkers.  Motivated by that I had to bite the bullet recently and apply myself to care right now so that I can enjoy a lifetime of effective and functional lighting.


So I did and now I give you my tips for designing an effective lighting plan for your home renovation here for Open Colleges.



Block Glasshouse bedroom.


Carlene xx

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