What’s happening in bathroom tiles

April 14th, 2017 | By Carlene ...

I’ll admit it, in the past, bathrooms have not been my favourite space to design or style. Compared to all of the layers and elements required in a living room or bedroom, all the hard surfaces of the bathroom, would leave me cold. And then there was this whole movement of flat white 300×600 tiled walls and grey tiled floors that was just really uninspiring.


Well, we can all rejoice because tiles are fast becoming the saving grace of bathroom design -the Florence Nightingale, the Indiana Jones of bathrooms – you get it, the hero. Read my piece here for Open Colleges to see why and how.



Image from The Style School, Rebecca Judd Loves. Styling by Aimee Tarulli. Photo by James Geer. http://www.rebeccajuddloves.com/category/the-style-school/


Carlene xx

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